Long Command Runner

This lib aims to follow a terminal command that is long to execute and monitor the CPU usage and the progression of the program.

Current state and goal

Currently (what we have)

  • monitoring of the progression of the application through the output of the app (I don't think that we can do better)

  • get the real/user/sys time usage of the application by using the lib Benchmark of ruby.

v1 goal

  • Make it pure ruby solution not depending on bash

  • Realtime mesure of cputime usage

Install and usage

Install on your system:

gem install long-command-runner

Install through bundler:

gem 'long-command-runner', , '~> 0.1'

To use the library:

require 'long_command_runner'

runner = LCR::Runner.new 'for i in `seq 100`; do echo $i%; sleep 1; done'

# command now runs

while runner.running?
  STDOUT.write "\rProgram is at: #{runner.progress} %   \r"
puts 'program ended !'


Here some links: